I face tonight’s second vaccination shot with both fear and longing.

Longing — well, that’s obvious. Longing for the end, of what will be for most of us, the most trying time of our collective lives. We have suffered through the steady and mournful drumbeat of 500,000 of us who…

Growing up “love” was doled out as a precious commodity, like liquid gold squeezed out of an eye dropper, one drop at a time. It was reserved for parents and grandparents. Oh, we had a kind of substitute, “luv” which sounded like the real thing but wasn’t really. …

In less than an hour, I will receive my first vaccine shot. My sense is that nothing will be the same after that event.

I face it with some nervousness, after all, in the history of the world, there has never been a vaccine for anything without a development stage…

Me, Dee Rowe, Allan Greenberg 2019, Storrs, CT

It was hard for me to believe I was working with Dee Rowe. It was one of life’s special gifts and also a lot of fun — a true blessing of my career.

It was in the 80’s and we were broadcasting the UConn basketball games. Dee was filling in…

This blog has teetered between a chronicle of life in the time of the virus to political commentary spawned by the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police.

The center of the Venn Diagram, of course, is the poisonous regime of Donald Trump. His ineptitude has led to unimaginable…

A year ago, we celebrated New Year’s Eve in Syracusa, Sicily. It was a milestone birthday trip for my friend Lincoln and me — born days apart — and our families.

Scant weeks later, we’re on lockdown.

Last New Year’s, none of us knew what Zoom was or who Dr…

(To the tune of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas)

Have Yourself a Covid Little Christmas

May your fears be light

Pretty soon your

vaccine is within your sight.


Have yourself a Covid Little Christmas

Waiting for the day

The grinch named Don

and buddies will be far away.


Here we are unlike olden days

Zooming set at 4

Family who is dear to us

We long to see them at our door.


Through the years we all will be together

If Fauci does allow

Hang your trusty mask up on the highest bow

So have yourself a Covid Little Christmas Now.

For the last 25 years, I’ve been going around like a town crier preaching that there are two Americas. People are born into one or the other. They come from two different genetic strands honed by generational experiences and geography and see the world in diametrically opposed ways. …

Barry Berman

Entrepreneur, Founder of CRN International and Connecticut Radio Network, Writer, Broadcaster.

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