A Response From the Front Lines

Yesterday’s point-counterpoint post about opening up society — Two Friends Disagree. The World Will Decide — was one of the highest read and commented columns since this blog began. Reaction continues to pour in.

I received this poignant response from an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) through our neighborhood post. She is on the front lines, witnessing the disease first-hand and putting herself at risk.

Stacey Gonzalez is a true hero of this battle and she has given me permission to publish her story.


Saying, “back in my day we did x,y,z…” isn’t relevant anymore. Nothing is the same, even since I was a kid (I’m 30).

This is a new virus. We don’t REALLY know a lot about. We don’t know the long-term repercussions it may do to your body. We do know that it’s easily transmissible and can quickly go from flu like symptoms to pneumonia to death.

As a registered nurse for 7 years and a new APRN, I can surely say that being in the hospitals can be scary. Seeing patients go from healthy one day, crashing the next, all the while, family isn’t allowed to visit unless they’re dying is awful. Rapid testing for COVID has been shown to be up to 40% for false negatives.

I do not take this virus as a sign to live in fear, however, as things begin to open up. I find that people not wearing masks, joining at the parks in large groups, at the basketball courts and tennis courts (as I see daily on my drives home) are a blatant disregard for respect and health of others. There’s no way to just: go back to “normal.” This is the new “normal.”

Wear the mask, respect social distancing, and try to stay healthy. It’s the best we can do until we learn more and find a true vaccine.

Thank you, Stacey. There is nothing more to add. Stay safe and be well.


I Dreamed a Dream by Susan Boyle




Entrepreneur, Founder of CRN International and Connecticut Radio Network, Writer, Broadcaster.

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Barry Berman

Barry Berman

Entrepreneur, Founder of CRN International and Connecticut Radio Network, Writer, Broadcaster.

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